AfterWords Services

A Simple Plan

By completing a simple but thorough form developed by AfterWords, then sharing a few personal memories, family members provide the necessary information for AfterWords to write an individual’s unique life story . . . in a unique way.

Writing the Story . . . and More

AfterWords provides the writing of unique life stories (obituaries) that provide memories of who a person was – not just what they did. Stories are written using not just facts, but personal anecdotes to ensure that those who were loved will be remembered for what they shared in life: their smile, their love, their humor, their joy.

Life stories for programs or Web sites can be written to an individual’s desired length and in one of two formats: straight narrative or headline with brief narrative.

AfterWords will assist families in developing and writing all other elements of the program, including the “Order of Service” and the “Acknowledgements”.

Abbreviated stories for paid newspaper listings, when requested, will be included with the writing of the life story, along with editing of any submissions from the family (poetry, remembrances, etc.).

Designing the Program

When desired, AfterWords will also provide professionally designed programs to give families something beautiful to hold on to and share with others.

If production services are being provided by a funeral home, AfterWords can provide the life story and other information (e.g., order of service or acknowledgement) that the family has approved directly to the funeral home.

(See “Writing Samples” and “Program Samples”)